Niftymillionaire`s Interview with one of the Youngest Trader Pratik Patel – Host Janhavi Maddhesiya

A wonderful and very useful interview session with Mr. Pratik Patil,India`s successful youngest trader, is here to answer many commonly asked questions related to the Stock Market.

These are the various questions in a Trader`s life which have never been answered properly. These are important questions which should be understood by even for one who is there in the market for many years. Since many does not understand the reality of various scenarios discussed have been making huge losses and then are unable to understand the reasons of losses.

Janhavi Maddhesiya: Hi Pratik,let us begin with your unique story could you please share that with us?

I am Pratik Patel, an Engineering drop out and independent trader for last more than 10 years. I have my family business of Real Estate however my passion for stock market brought me into this Industry and I founded Niftymillionaire in Apr 2013. 

I have been involved with seminars, webinars, taking lectures at premier MBA colleges. Talked personally to more than 5000 traders and after watching them losing their hard earned money, I, through, Niftymillionaire, is convincing every individual to create serious long-term wealth from the market.
Remember – “Good things take time.”

I’ve only one goal down here. To help you succeed as a Discipline trader/investor.Here’s how…

Step 1: We will share trading mindset/Discipline what required in stock market with you

Step 2: We will have learning on Continuous basis because its not few days or few month process. It has to practice Again & again to Become Discipline Investor.

What describes you?What do you have to offer to people?

Well,i would describe myself as a very passionate,driven,hardworking and empathetic person.

I entered the market as a trader at age of 19, but did not receive the beginner’s luck. All I made were losses. “I then did my own research sitting the whole day on my system and reading lots of books on how to become a profitable trader. I also shared some of my observation with a few people in our office. Surprisingly, they made profits. It gave them something to smile about after a long time. One of my relatives, who had made a good profit following my suggestion, shared some percentage of it with me. That was my first earning. It was then that I decided to make my career in the finance market.” 

I started with a small table, a computer system and one employee in a small portion of his father’s office. I would meet every trader personally. I travelled to smaller towns and met many traders at different broking firms.

Around this time, my admission to Computer Engineering course at Ahmedabad came through. “I tried to manage both my business and my study for one year, but I realised I had to choose one — either continue my study or follow my passion to create a world class financial technology company. It was a tough decision to announce to my family that I was dropping out of engineering college,” he says.

Once the decision was made, I started running his office from the flat where he lived. Within four years,I had established one of the best advisory firms in India. “I had a huge office of 8500 sq. feet area and more than 100 employees,” .

As the Mahatma once said, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” Things started falling apart when some of his top-level employees could not control their greed. They got involved in underhand dealings and insider trading. “My struggles of the last five years to help every Indian with the best product in the finance market had come to naught, and by the time I came to know of the extent of the damage, it was too late.”

According to you, what’s the best way to start the day?

I strongly believe a strong and clear mind is responsible for a strong & healthy body hence my day starts with meditation which helps me stay positive and focus during the day.

If one wants to earn consistent money from Stock Market,then is that possible?

If you are a beginner,Firstly you have to save money for at least two year.If your expenditure is 50000 per year then you have to save 200000 for two years.So, that you can use that money.You have to keep this in mind that for two years you are not going to earn anything.

And if one wants to earn a consistent amount then i clearly wants to tell them,that this is not possible for one to earn a consistent amount.One day you will earn different amount second day you will earn different amount.You may make profit or loss but yes,you can make Trading as you career,you can do good in Trading in future.If you will get confidence in this,start getting return, or if you don`t get return,you can do your trading efficiently.But if you want to make profit every month then that is not possible,it will take time of two or three years.And think like a professional trader.

Can you guarantee the income from equity market like Fixed Deposit in bank?

Firstly, i want to tell about the assets because in this question assets is being compared.Fixed Deposit in India gives average of 9% but after deduction of tax you will get 6.5% or 7% return.In india if you calculate Inflation then every year their is deduction of 6% or 7% in purchasing power.Then you are in the guaranteed loss.And in India this is the human psychology people invest in bank because they believe government is protecting their interest, But that is a totally humour and the banks are getting benefit of this human pshychology.Middle class wants safety but if in current you are saving money to buy something and after 10 years the purchasing power will get decreased and you are not going to buy that.If you don`t take risk then you are not going to earn.

If someone is new in the market, and he wants to Trade then how much he should invest from the start?

Firstly,as i said save some money for two years.Then start investing from equity first,and one can decide the amount of money like this-100-your age convert that into percentage and that much money one should start investing in equity.Gradually,by the time you will learn the mechanism of Stock Market.One can join a professional Trainor course and under his/her guidance they can invest in Gold mutual fund.Talk to managers of equity raise fund.

How much time,effort and money one should invest in starting of Stock Market journey?

If one wants to make 100000 money,firstly they should know how much risk they can take.Like according to the risk it can be determine about the returns.If they are ready to take risk and as well as it depends on how much money they are investing.On that one can get to know how much return they will get.

What’s worth spending more on to get the best?

In today’s dynamic and changing times it is worth spending on updating and adding value to
oneself to ensure we always stay relevant to the demand in the market. It is always good to diversify
into areas that have potentially provided there is enough interest and inclination to learn and adapt.

Lastly, would you like to say something to our readers?

Staying positive and motivated is the biggest challenge in these tough times. All I can say is tough times bring the best out of us. So –

Keep going
Involve in an activity that keeps you focussed
Stay in the company of positive people
Be grateful for what you have today
Most Important – Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!! If you are healthy today you can look after your family tomorrow.

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